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Super Coat Pockets Battle Extreme Behind the Scenes, Episode 1: Before RPG Maker VX

Alrighty, it’s time to start off this blog!
Some of you may have played the RPG Maker VX game I created, Super Coat Pockets Battle Extreme (hereafter known as SCPBE.) From what I’ve seen, most people who played it seemed to enjoy it at least somewhat.
SCPBE took me way, way, WAY too long to make. I released a youtube trailer on August 10, 2008 (before I even started LPing) and a video about me finishing the game on May 21, 2009. But I didn’t start making the game in 2008. I came up with the idea in my freshman year of high school, whatever year that was.
Back then, my basic idea was “What if I made an RPG starring my friends that was all about fighting difficult bosses?” That idea is pretty close to what I ended up with, though it was expanded upon. The very first thing I did was concept art for Bipolaris.

I only draw a little better than this now.

Bipolaris is probably the most interesting/iconic thing in the game, at least to me. I guess I was really inspired the day I came up with his weird design. Shrug.
Anyway, I then decided I would make this RPG using OHRRPGCE- The Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Creation Engine. It used to be a DOS based program but now it works with Windows (the community is basically dead, though.) Compared to RPG makers, it’s not very powerful, but it had some interesting things you could easily do, like attacks that chained together and stealing. Why doesn’t RPG maker have easy stealing? It is a mystery.
OHRRPGCE has a side view battle system, so naturally the first thing I had to do was make the battle sprites. This took me YEARS. And then I never used them! Good job, me.

Here you can see those old sprites, among them several characters not in the VX version of the game, who were people I knew back then that kind of vanished.
Back then there were also a ton of other characters planned. It was very silly.
The OHR version of the game never got past the completion of some sprites and a very ugly lobby, I believe. But then…

SUPER COAT POCKETS BATTLE XTREEEEEME! The RPG Maker XP version (which apparently lacked an E on XTREME) was actually playable! The demo covered the first lobby of the game, including the same bosses the VX version had- Bipolaris, Dr. Deadbones, Slowmo the Ninja Snail, Mechanical Hound and Atma Edge. The Battle Dummy was also there.
So, I guess this is now

This is Coat Pockets, a small, somewhat pointless pocket dimension.

Coat Pockets has no plot. Here, there is only fighting. But everything needs a plot eventually…

Even when there is no plot, there is a plot. Your mission: find out why there is no plot. Welcome to Coat Pockets!

Aaaand here’s where we start. This is pretty different from the VX version. The intro’s more involved, it has pictures, there’s no tutorial area and no dialogue from the characters. Kind of boring.
The first picture is a reference to Kit’s old OHRRPGCE game. It was a thing.

And here we have our lovely heroes! The default RPG Maker XP engine didn’t support face graphics, and I never made custom graphics for the map sprites, so I picked things that were reasonably similar to the characters. (Incidentally, the default RPG Maker XP also has really unbalanced battle formulas from what I understand.)
Another thing you may notice is my worse sense of humour. Skills being “sklols” and Trynn’s class being “Haxmaster” in particular make me groan now.
Oh, by the way, aside from two secret characters these four are the only ones that are playable.
ANYWAY, moving forward, we encounter an object blocking our path!

The pendant works the same as the pendants in the VX version do. In this case it transports you to the character select lobby- but more on that later.

“Don’t ask me what the writing on those means. They’re hard to explain, my ninja info cards.”

Oh look, a direct reference to a certain youtube video. This NPC is a character who was totally absent from the VX game because all he did was sell items that gave you hints about where to find secrets.
Item: Card 1
“A ninja info card which gives you a hint about a secret location.”
Words appear on the card…
“White flowers aren’t real
In crystal light, go around
Pass through the illusion and take action.”
The words fade away.

How silly! Next!

“May the Dragon of Green create fortune for you.”

Yup, skill crystals began in this version. The only ones available here are Medi and Dispel, though. The Angel of Green’s “Dragon of Green” is some kind of reference to Roahm. This character was replaced by Aura in the VX version. Next!

The shopkeepers in this version are multicolored ghosts. They all have WACKY dialogue!

>No: “Oh, fine then. Weirdos.”

, seriously, buy something!”

“…although, you won’t find any alcohol here. We ghosts don’t like heavy drinkers.”

There’s not much to say about the first two (other than *groan*) but the green ghost is interesting. You read that right- alcohol. This isn’t a throwaway line- it’s a plot point, and alcohol was a planned item. I think it gave various buffs and debuffs when used. Edgy!
Let’s look at the weapons shop a bit more in depth, though:

The weapons were completely different. There was no dual-wielding, and no secondary items or weapons. Each character had many different weapons that, rather than being progressively better, had different strengths and weaknesses. What this means is that most of them sucked.

Also, note that Shagg’s weapons are figurines, and not a hammer. I have no bloody clue why I changed this because figurines are so much more interesting. I think I was inspired by the dollmaster class in Ogre Battle.

Shagg’s Weapons:

Shagg figurine: “A figurine of the wielder, to be thrown at the enemy. No advantages or disadvantages.”

Vincent figurine: “A figurine of Vincent, a character in a story never written. Lower attack power, but builds strength.”

Shaye figurine: “A figurine of a cat-girl character. Get your mind out the gutter! Weakens foes, but lower ATK.”

Meno figurine: “An intimidating dragon figurine which has high attack power but is harder to wield, lowering evade.”

Azkazi figurine: “A figurine of a character from olden days. Affects users stats in bizarre ways.”

Kevin figurine: “A comical fox-man figurine. Can make the enemy Lock’d, so that they cannot dodge, but has lower attack,”

Kit’s Weapons:

Solar Ki: “Energy from the mind focuses into the fist to form a blade. No advantages or disadvantages.”

Atma weapon: “A weapon that supposedly changes based on user awesomeness levels. More defensive than offensive.”

Photon saber: “A weapon good for fast attacks. Raises accuracy and evasion when equipped.”

Material blades: “Two blades of different types, allowing the user to attack more enemies, but with less acc./evade.”

Lunar Ki: : “Energy from the mind focused into the heart to make the user stronger with and against magic.”

Tractor Beam: “Focused energy which can latch on to enemies and Stun’d them, but with sub-par attack power.”

Chakra: “Energy from the mind focused into the soul to improve the user’s attributes.”

Trynn’s weapons:

Plain ol’ scissors: “Nothing special about these scissors. No advantages or disadvantages.”

Safety scissors: “The only scissors you can run with. Added defense, but lower attack power.”

Pilfered scissors: “Scissors stolen from a government facility. Increase evasion, but weaken you due to running away.”

Clocktowers: “Giant, bloody scissors of death. Make you physically stronger but magically weaker.”

Cutpurses: “Scissors which distract the enemy. Cause the enemy to be Locked’d or Stun’d.”

Lawcutters: “Scissors which cut through universal laws to greatly increase magic, but weaken you in every other way.”

Wool shears: “Scissors which cut through defenses and resistances but slow down the user.”

Vuley’s Weapons:

Game cartridge: “A blank cartridge, useless except for being thrown. No advantages or disadvantages.”

Mr. Saturn: “What is Mr. Saturn? Only a few know. Can Paralyze’d or Stun’d an enemy and does miniscule damage.”

Poison Mushroom: “A mushroom which poisons the enemy. Obviously.”

Raon bombs: “Bombs which cause a powerful and confusing explosion.”

Pokeball: “Who knows what comes out? Can cause various status effects on the enemy, but lowers stats.”

Broken crockery: “Sharp and pointy, making it painful yet hard to throw.”

Party ball: “May contain nuts. Affects user and enemy in strange ways.”

Unused OHRRPGCE version weapons

So yeah, the weapons are really ridiculous. I don’t remember what most of them do exactly. Oh, and Vuley throws random video game items instead of shooting a crossbow.
Wow, this post is really long and we haven’t gotten to actual battles or anything yet. Next time, I promise we will! Until then, good luck!


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