Posted by: Shagg | May 10, 2010

SCPBE Behind the Scenes part 2: XP Version Continues

IN THIS EPISODE: Stats, moves, secrets and some bosses!
(Alternate title: “Behind the scenes means infodump”)

Last time we ended with a look at everyone’s weapons. But then I realized that I could download RPG Maker XP and actually find exactly just how dumb all the stats are! Awesome!
So let’s look at some of the weapons again:
(PS note that all of the standard weapons have 10 attack power and no other bonuses)

Shagg’s Weapons:

SD Figurine: There’s actually one that’s in the database that’s not in the game. “A figurine of the infamous Shaggy Dog. May cause the target to be Lessen’d, but is not as powerful.”
Besides the incorrect use of the word infamous, what this means is that it has 8 attack power and can cause the Lessen status, which reduces all enemy stats by 10% and has a 25% chance of going away every turn. Wow that is a terrible status effect. Keep in mind that all the numbers in this game are really low: For example, Bipolaris has 29 intelligence. Lessen lowers that by about 3 points. Wow.

Vincent figurine: 7 attack power, +5 strength. Probably useless, but I’m not sure actually.

Shaye figurine: 6 attack power, and causes Weaken’d status that cuts enemy strength in half. Maybe useful if it weren’t for such low numbers and the fact that you should always be using skills instead of normal attacks.

Meno figurine: 16 attack power and a 25% agility reduction. Since stats don’t matter, this is probably a slightly better option than the rest of Shagg’s weapons.

Azkazi figurine: +8 attack, +2 defense, +2 magic defense, +3 strength, -11 dexterity, -2 agility, +4 intelligence. Whaaaaaat the heck.

Kevin figurine: 9 attack power and can cause Lock’d which stops the enemy from evading. Which is never a problem so USELESS.

Kit’s Weapons:

Atma weapon: +7 attack +5 both defenses.

Photon saber: +8 attack +15 agility/dexterity.

Material blades: +10 attack -10 dexterity/agility. This weapon counts as both the Power and Speed elements, which I guess I’ll have to explain below now. The elements in all versions of SCPBE don’t really make much of a difference.

Lunar Ki: : +2 attack +15 magic defense. Kit’s weapons are boring.

Tractor Beam: +6 attack and can cause Stun’d, which is basically one round of paralysis. In this demo Stun is pretty much brokenly powerful. More on that later.

Chakra: 1 attack, +2 defense, +2 magic defense, +3 strength, +7 dexterity/agility, +3 intelligence. Yeah.

Trynn’s weapons:

Safety scissors: 3 attack and 10 defense.

Pilfered scissors: 10 attack and 30 agility, -5 dexterity and -3 intelligence.

Clocktowers: 10 attack, +20 stength, -20 intelligence.

Cutpurses: 2 attack and can cause previously mentioned status effects.

Lawcutters: 25 intelligence, -25 strength, and -105 dexterity and agility. Jeez what the heck.

Wool shears: 17 attack and -52 agility. Huh.

Vuley’s Weapons:

Mr. Saturn: 6 attack, can paralyze or stun.

Poison Mushroom: 6 attack, can poison. Almost everything resists poison.

Raon bombs: 10 attack and can cause confuse. And has no disadvantages. It’s better than the default weapon because it’s just the default weapon with a status. GOOD BALANCE

Pokeball: IT’S ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE WAAAACKY WEAPONS! +4 attack, -5 strength, -10 dex/agility, -5 int. It can poison, silence, sleep, paralyze or lessen the enemy.

Broken crockery: 15 attack -20 dex.

Party ball: WAAAACKY 7 attack 2 defense 1 m. defense 1 strength -6 dex -6 agility 2 int. Can stun and daze. Daze’d is the other broken status effect in this; it lowers accuracy. Half of the bosses are immune though.

Anyway, that was really boring. I guess now it’s time to actually move on!

I guess this is where we were last time. What did the dumb ol’ hint card say again?
“White flowers aren’t real
In crystal light, go around
Pass through the illusion and take action.”

Oh yeah. See those flowers over there? A crystal shows up next to it when you beat the first boss (because the bosses are teleported to via crystal and not doors) so that crappy riddle is telling you to abuse the passability settings and walk right through that map tile. IIRC I found that you could do that by accident and said “HEY THAT’S NEAT LET’S MAKE A SECRET”

The Secret Passage (click for video!) Yeah, using the old viddler account for this blog now.


Artifact Chamber eh? Artifacts are in the VX version too. The whole idea was basically rare and stronger equipment, which works out in this one because you can’t buy armor. The stores only have weapons and healing items.
Meanwhile in the VX version, some artifacts have questionable use. But now’s not the time for that version!

What could possibly be behind this door?!

“Subspace: Level 1
Get to the end!
Avoid obstacles and collect treasure!”

What the heck is this, Shagg? Well italics, this is “subspace.” The idea was that there would be one “subspace” level per lobby, with a weird art style thing sort of resembling different old games. For instance, this level is sort of Super Mario Bros 2. But only in the music, really.
The character there is “Coat Man” an edited SMB2 Luigi sprite. I have no idea why he’s a blue fox in a jumpsuit though.

Here’s what it means by “avoid obstacles.” Any time you collide with a… lizard thing… or a … brightly colored rock… or that seagull…. what’s up with this place
Anyway any time you collide with them you are BONK!ed with a hearty sound effect and sent back to the start of the level. The lizards patrol back and forth, the rocks rise and fall with the color showing their speed, and the seagull is set to move at complete random.
These levels are built using weird passage settings to make you walk on the ground instead of in it. In the VX version, there are two or three maps that are built like this, but the tileset limitations made it less interesting.
Since the tileset is what made this cool I could do it in rpg maker 2003 too…
Anyway for some reason the SMB2 turnip sprout teleports you to a waterfall.

The orange lizard guy has a pattern where he moves back then waves forward weirdly. Let’s see…
change speed: 3
3 steps backward
change speed: 5
move lower right, upper right, upper right, lower right
1 steo forward
2 steps backward
move at random
Well. I don’t have much to say about that other than “I AM WEIRD IN THE PAST!”
By the ay, the treasure in here really sucks. The first room had some heals and the second had money. The next one has a dispel crystal though which I guess is KIND of useful.
Speaking of the next room, it’s a “boss fight!”

This mushroom thing turns you red, increasing your walking speed and halving your HP. Which is important becaaaaause…

The things flying around here can actually kill you! The boss, however, can’t. It’s just a dragon sprite that floats up and down.

Which then dies when you flip a switch.

The subspace coins were meant to be the same thing as the VX version’s “seal fragments,” meaning that you collect ’em all and find a secret area later.
The secret area still would have been Roahm’s place, but it also had a forge where you could make the ultimate weapon or the ultimate spell, which I think were Hymn 43 and Luminaire. One of those things survived!

And this is what you get out of all that. Just like inVX it’s a helmet that blocks omnipotent attacks.
Oh right, I was supposed to explain the elements wasn’t I?

Okay. The elements are speed, defense, power, strategy, support, omnipotent and mirror.
Speed > Power > Defense > Speed. Which means, for example, that defense does extra damage to speed and takes less damage FROM speed.
Strategy > Support. Because it’s strategic to take out the enemy healers, you know? There are no support type enemies in this actually.
Omnipotent does more damage to everything.
Mirror does more damage against itself, like dragon type in Pokemon. Only Alter Ego would be mirror type. One character actually has a mirror type attack though!

And, as I said, elements are mostly useless.


The Battle Dummy is here! Instead of a slime, he’s a big golem guy though. He has the same general purpose and the same rules, but he has less HP I think.

Battle Dummy (Click here for video!)

oh god the battle sprites are ugly

Battle Dummy: “Hit me as hard as you can!”

This textbox here is the predecessor to Trynn scanning enemies on the first turn. Basically, SCPBE XP didn’t even try to have the characters have, well, character. There’s absolutely no dialogue from them. The Battle Dummy has more personality than the PCs.

Anyway, the Battle Dummy’s whole purpose is for the player to try out all the skills. Which means
INFODUMP TIME #2 (OH GODS): Let’s show everyone’s skills!

Okay, this time I’ll just describe the skills and try to be brief. Honest. But first let me mention that everyone has twice the amount of skills here than they do in SCPBE VX; this is because most of them are useless.

Shagg’s Skills:

Confuse: Hits all the enemies and tries to blind them. Based on the fact that in Chrono Trigger, Crono’s attack where he hits four times was Woolseyismed into “confuse” for some reason.
As an attack it’s somewhat useful.

Flail: What the hell. This is based on 10% of all of Shagg’s stats and 50% of the enemy’s defense and magic defense. In other words it is terrible and stupid.

Spaz Fireball: Magic attack with a high MP cost disproportionate to its use in a fight. You can aim it, unlike the VX version which hits a random target, but it also SUCKS.

Superdoom: For way too much MP to make it worth considering, a lot of damage to the enemies. It’s probably better not to use this.

Fakeout: Really cheap. Causes stun. Causes daze. So basically it is broken and has a high chance of making the enemy not work. Since it’s cheap if this is used every free turn Shagg is being useful.

Play Dead: Ha ha, I am so funny. Basically for a while Shagg can’t attack and can’t be hurt.

Seizure: I wonder if this is kind of offensive? It can make things bleed, and damage over time statuses probaby do more damage than anything else, so…

Captainate: Like Captain Aura in SCPBE VX, it raises stats by tiny numbers and misses all the time. HILARIOUS

Throw Potions: One of two healing moves in the demo besides medi.

Magic Pockets: Cures status effects but damages people? I don’t know. There’s a good reason I narrowed down the move lists.

Hyperactivate: Just like in VX, berserks self. Except it never ends and damage is pretty low.

Trynn’s skills:

/dev/zero: Really strong magic attack, uses too much MP. Actually not that impressive.

1337 Burst: *groan* I chopped off the “1337” part in SCPBE VX because it was STUPID but this is an inaccurate instant kill in a game full of bosses that are immune to instant death.

400k viruses: group magic attack

BSOD: Tries to stun non-boss enemies for a long time for some reason

Bash shell: /dev/zero but weaker and cheaper

Reality Distortion: Actually kind of interesting. Lowers Trynn’s magic by a lot and raises her attack by a lot so that she ends up with one of the only viable melee attacks in the game. Ha.

Firewall: defense in exchange for magic

Format C: I still love this one. Trynn kills herself and heals everyone else. HUMOUR!

Reboot: Takes all of Trynn’s MP but raises her max HP and max MP. Uh, probably dumb.

/dev/root: 400k viruses but stronger and more expensive. And b more expensive I mean costs all of her MP, again.

Google It!: Ugh, Lessen is such a dumb status effect.

Vuley’s skills:


Combo Breaker: An attack which tries to lower defense, too. Pretty good I guess.

Garbage Dump: Mass poion

Super chain: Weak attack against all enemies

T-spin: Cheap and dazes, so kind of useful… except Shagg’s move that dazes also stuns and does damage and is cheaper.

Stop: Stops the enemy from mvojg for a long time. Hilariously enough, this actually works on some of the enemies.

Megavitamin: mass poison cure. poison is one whole attack.

Qix Stix: Self magic defense raise. Much more useful in VX where it was a single target magic buff.

Bonus Round: I had the brilliant idea to make an inaccurate revive spell. Whyyyyy

TETRIS: Another one of those blow all your MP style moves. Or most of it anyway.

Puzzler attack: It’s supposed to vary a lot. Whether it does or not, I dunno.

Kit’s skills (is this infodump over yet)

Hidden Strike: It’s non-elemental. It’s pointless. In VX it makes you go first at least.

Energy Ball: Magic attack and Kit’s magic is not as good

Wave Fist: Actually pretty decent, since it’s based on attack AND magic and can stun.

Shocker: tiny, tiny damage to all and can do that silly Lock status.

Discipline: Raises attack and magic power.

Spirit Channeling: Raises defense and magic defense.

Force Push: Really cheap. Stuns. Wow.

Meditate: Increases hit rate. Really. Seriously. SO USELESS

Soulstrike: silence (nothing you’d need it on can be affected)

Sunburst: Another one of those high MP cost attacks

Charge: Doubles max MP. Theoretically useful because Kit’s MP is terrible.


oh right

The Battle Dummy isn’t exactly notable. He’s weak to instant death (supposedly, it takes forever to hit) and when he’s at 50% HP, he repairs himself with electrical shocks that match the pitches of Smoke on the Water’s guitar riff. Nothing unusual here.

And when you beat him you get a neopets reference that says it doubles max HP but actually increases it by 150%


So how about an actual boss fight? (Click here for video!)

Bipolaris! He has the same sprite here that he does in the VX version because I’m lazy / I thought it was good enough.
Last update featured the old, old concept art of Bipolaris. But there’s also some sprites of him I did before this one, when I was planning on a side view battle system:

They are hilariously oversized in an OHRRPGCE situation, though.
Anyway, as a boss Bipolaris is pretty boring. The lowdown:

Left side:
200 HP, 100 MP, 15 STR, 90 DEX, 90 AGI, 10 INT, 13 ATK, 15 PDEF, 5 MDEF
Weak to speed and omnipotent
Resists stun
Standard attack (no condition) Fear aura (no condition)
Fear aura causes a status that halves strength.

Right Side:
200 HP, 10 MP, 15 STR, 90 DEX, 90 AGI, 10 INT, 13 ATK, 5 PDEF, 15 MDEF
Weak to power and omnipotent. Resists stun.
Standard attack (no condition) Anger aura (no condition)
Anger Aura boosts the enemy attack and intelligence by 160% for some reason.

Bipolaris eye:
435 HP, 240 MP, 17 STR, 115 DEX, 115 AGI, 29 INT, 17 ATK, 9 PDEF, 12 MDEF
Weak to omnipotent
Heavily resists stun, paralyze, instant death. NoteL instant death is a seperate status effect from regular death and gives a tiny chance of recovery (1% each turn)
Standard attack (no condition) Eye Laser (90% HP or below) Bipolaris Heal (50% HP or below) Laser Barrage (75% HP or below)
The laser attacks are just strong attacks. The heal, though… if you watch the video, it misses.

Bipolaris drops the Bipolaris Blade. The description for this says it has multiple personalities. THAT’S NOT WHAT BIPOLAR MEANS AT ALL PAST SHAGG, WHAT THE CRAP.
For further offense it causes the bipolar status, which increases attack but lowers defense. Oy!

Well, this update was very text heavy. Kinda sorry about that, though then again that’s the point of behind the scenes isn’t it? Explaining things?
See you next time!


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