Posted by: Shagg | May 15, 2010

SCPBE Behind the Scenes Part 3: The XP Version Concludes

Let’s let the RPG Maker XP version go out with a bang, and by a bang I mean lots of pretty pictures and videos!

Boss Battle 2: Dr. Deadbones (Click here for video!)

There exists a techno song called “Move Your Dead Bones” by Dr. Reanimator. All I had to do was make the connection of “dead bones” and “dry bones” and BAM. Dr. Deadbones.
His giant syringe contains the reanimator fluid which he’s supposed to use if he has 25% HP or less left, but for some reason he doesn’t.
His moldy bones companions are all the same in this version, with high defense and low magic defense (which he also has) unlike the VX version where half of them were the opposite.
The main attacks of this group are “bone club” (moldy bones) and “super bone club” (Deadbones) which both target the whole party with an attack that does damage and lowers defense.
In other words, if you don’t immediately kill all the minions you might die. Fortunately, every character has one or two “destroy the whole enemy group” attacks and that oh-so-broken Daze status effect can affect the boss.
In other words, Dr. Deadbones is pathetic. He drops an accessory that prevents damage of time status.

Hello, badly drawn AND badly scanned “concept art” from the olden days! His forward-facing sprite seems to have ditched the lab coat and made all the wires on his back a little less obvious.

This is basically the concept art in sprite form.

Oh, yeah. That RPG Maker XP rain effect used in the battle? If you run away, it NEVER STOPS.

Hey, what’s going on over here?

This character is plotless! Do you want to fight it?


Plotless Shaggy Dog splits into three and charges!

I’m not exactly sure if anything else ISN’T plotless, but… oh, whatever. I’ll chalk that up as another “past Shagg doesn’t make sense” moment.

Mini-boss?: Plotless SDs (Click for video!)

Try not to stare at that background too long. It might hurt you.

Anyway, while this isn’t technically one of the “boss battles” of the game, I think it might actually be harder than all the other fights, if you’re not lucky.


200 Max HP, 500 Max SP, 20 STR, 120 DEX, 120 AGI, 20 INT, 11 ATK, 10 PDEF, 10 MDEF


Regular attack, X-Strike (stronger attack), Cyclone (attacks the entire party), Fire Sword (attack and damage over time), Ice Sword (attack and extended stun)

In a lot of ways those stats are better than Bipolaris’s, and those attacks are pretty nasty. AND THERE’S THREE OF THEM.

Which means the strategy is once again “nuke ASAP with group attacks oh god please die” so maybe it’s not hard after all. Unless, of course, the RNG hates you. The burn status lowers attack slightly (as in pokemon) and does damage, but only lasts for a short time, and the freeze status doesn’t last any longer for some reason.

By the way, this Shaggy Dog character is basically a thing I came up with in the third grade, if you’re wondering. After you beat the boss… Shaggy Dog becomes playable! Yeah, he apparently took priority over the rest of the Coat Pockets people. Also this happens:

(This is the result of lazy event making and the thing still being there after the battle because of weird event order probably.)

Do you remember the pendant item?

Welcome to the character select room. Let’s address a few concerns.

1) Why are you a rabbit?

The rabbit is a placeholder character before you choose a party leader. Yes, you don’t have to use Shagg all the time in this version; this comes with the price of no dialogue EVER. Sure, I could have added conditional dialogue but the original plans didn’t call for any dialogue, just fighting fighting fighting.

The rabbit is actually a character by the way:

It has about 1 in every stat and can never equip anything.

But that’s not where the shenanigans of this character end, oh no:

After going through this passage, ??? becomes the party leader.

Yes, you can use it. That’s not all.

At level 15, it learns the move “!?”


0 SP cost, 9999 power, 200% attack power influence, 100% everything else influence, 100% hit rate, 100 variance.
Element: Power, Speed, Defense, Strategy, Support, Omnipotent, Mirror, & Virus*
Status effects: Stun, Poison, Daze, Mute, Confuse, Sleep, Paralyze, Weaken, Clumsy, Delay, Feeble, Lessen, Lock, Fear Aur, Bleed, BSOD, Garbage, Stop, Bipolar, Club, Super Club, Injection
Targets all enemies
Description: “What the heck did you level up the character select for!?”

What the heck indeed.

(Also at level 99 its stats are all 999. When Shagg is at level 99 all his stats are five points higher than they were at level 1. Soooo yeaaaaaaaah.)

*I have no idea what Virus type was going to do.


2) Why are the so many spaces for characters?

Originally the game was going to have like a billion characters for no reason. Actually just these:

As previously mentioned there were many “main” characters based on people that I no longer see, but there are also bonus characters based on characters OF these people. Except for SD, Nicolaus and Alter Ego, who are mine. (Alter Ego, the recurring boss of the VX version, is not actually a battle in this version yet, by the way.)

3) What’s with the random decorations that are not actually visible in the screenshots above?

The character select place (actually called “Mystical Place”) is interactive!

This organ changes the music to the theme for Dark Falz’s third form in Phantasy Star Online. I think that was going to be the final boss music.

Also, free equipment. The green cloak’s description is: “A cloak from the pocket dimension. What does it do?” The answer is, of course, absolutely nothing.

That’s right. No stat bonuses.. No element / status defense. No automatic status effect. It just doesn’t do anything at all. I think it, at some point, gave automatic “Dragon Blessing” status that raises all stats by 5%, but apparently it stopped doing that at some point. Wow. GOOD GAME MAKING!

Anyway, I changed the party to Kit, Shagg, Trynn and Shaggy Dog, because Vuley has been pretty worthless in every version of SCPBE except for the final version of the VX one.


Confuse: Identical to Shagg’s skill of the same name.

X-strike: Just does more damage than the regular attack.

Fire sword: Magic attack causing burn.

Ice sword: Magic attack causing freeze.

Deep Claw: Attack which can cause bleeding and “weaken” which is lowered attack.

MP Buster: Attack which supposedly damage HP and MP but probably doesn’t work.

Cyclone: Attacks all enemies.

Illusion Slashes: Mirror skill (the only one among the playable characters, which has no use because Alter Ego isn’t in the game) which hits all enemies and may confuse them (which doesn’t work often.)

Lay on Hands: Healing spell for one ally which is exactly as strong as Shagg’s multiple ally heal Throw Potions. Just it only hits one target instead of the party.

Drain Spell: Supposedly damages the enemy and heals the party. Also probably doesn’t work.

En Garde!: Raises attack and defenses by 20%.

Overall he’s probably slightly more useful than Vuley at least.

Boss Battle 3: Slowmo the Ninja Snail (Click here for video!)

Once again the same sprite as in the VX version. And the rain is still going.

Slowmo always uses “Ninja Time” on his first turn, which doubles his dexterity, agility, and hit rate. I’m not sure how dangerous that actually is. That dispel crystal from earlier can return those to normal. Besides regular attacks, Slowmo also has Wind Slash and Barrage, which are just “stronger single target attack” and “group attack.” Nothing special. Slowmo drops a super useless one hit kill item which, of course, doesn’t work on bosses.

At least Slowmo resists a lot of the broken status effects.

the usual bad concept art. No old sprites for this one.

Boss Battle 4: Mechanical Hound (Click here for video!)

Can you guess what book I had to read in school that month?

Mechanical Hound has four attacks: Heavy Fang (strong physical that can stun) Chemical Injection (sleep and poison in one status effect) Poison Gas (group damage and poison) and Blood Fang (instant death.)
Giving a boss an instant death attack is kind of a jerk move, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve done with instant death in the history of this RPG (foreshadowing!)

I’m pretty sure that in at least one version of the game Mechanical Hound was weak to Stun which just made the fight silly. He seems to be weak to Lock, which is useless anyway.

It drops a weapon which can cause the injection status on things.

I don’t have any concept art for this guy laying around.

There’s something mysterious around that corner…

Get ready for the final boss of the SCPBE XP demo!

The powerful, terrifying, mysterious, exceptional, thing….

AUUUUUUUUGH (Boss 5: Atma Edge (Click for video!))

Meet the most horrible sprite in the history of forever. It’s so terribly ugly! I am ashamed.

Compare with the original concept art, which is still bad, but not as bad:

I could never draw this thing well to any degree apparently. For the VX version I had to resort to “make Roahm do it.”

Anyway, this thing’s attacks:
Regular attack, Soul Drain (seems to attack then recover a random target? Uh, whatever) Meteo (heavy damage to all) and Flare (heavy damage to one.)

A few things are notable.

In the case of Soul Drain healing Atma Edge (I think) it gets stuck in an infinite healing loop. Forever. It’s weird.

Secondly, and I think this is in the video: Meteo’s animation is so awesome that it SLOWS DOWN THE GAME.

The screenshot can’t really do it justice. By the way this is Atma/Ultima Weapon from FF6 combined with Soul Calibur if that wasn’t obvious.

And it drops “Cloud’s Tears,” defined as “ff7 is da bestest game evarzzzzzz” which restores 7 HP.

So, what’s left?

Defeating Atma Edge unlocks the door to the second lobby…

Which, like the VX version, goes through the “passageway” area. If Alter Ego was programmed in he would be in the middle of the first hallway like in the VX version.


Lobby 2 was lava themed, including smoky fog (the rain still hasn’t gone away.)



(the skeleton back there was supposed to sell alcohol, like the ghost in Lobby 1 mentioned.)

Actually it looks like I have dialogue for these guys.

Choices: Certainly!, NOOOOOO
When NOOOOO: “…”

Green: “Edible substances and consumable liquids ahoy! …but no intoxicating liquids. If you want those, you’ll have to go see the OTHER undead guy around here.”
“Don’t forget to eat! I leaned that the hard way!”

Red: “Always remember, the pointy end goes in the other guy! Now, seriously, buy something!”
“Smell ya later!”


“Forgotten Island”

Kit made an RPG once…

And this one is self explanatory.

I guess next time: The VX version!?


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