Posted by: Shagg | June 4, 2010

Let’s Play Harvest Moon 64 part 1

Music: Harvest Moon 64 Theme

Cherry blossoms fall on a lonely rural town in the middle of nowhere.

All the villagers gather here, in the town square, to mourn the passing of one of their own…

happy sending off!”

The drunk old people kind of undermined the proceedings.

One young man bravely volunteers to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps.

The farm was- wait, what? Just how long ago did this guy die? Did a rock slide and weed infestation happen overnight?

You’d think the old farmer would have actually been farming something but I guess that’s too much to ask for.

I mean geez, the game implies that he died like, yesterday.

Maybe he switched gears from crops to rock gardens.

(By the way that guy is our dad. We don’t see him again for a while.)

Grandpa’s spirit drifted off into the sky like an inexplicable scenic shot. I knew what I had to do.


Welcome to…

Music: Title Screen

Harvest Moon is a long-running farming sim series by Natsume (not “Natume,” despite what the title screen may suggest) which started on the SNES and has had entries on most of the Nintendo and Sony platforms. In my opinion none of the more modern ones manage to be as fun as Harvest Moon 64 for reasons I can’t really explain.

Sheep Challenge?

Yes! This is an arbitrary challenge I made up for myself to see if it was even possible. The basic rule is that my only income can come from ONE square of crops, anything I find in the mountain… and sheep. We’ll see how long I last trying to do this nonsense. Sheep are expensive you know!

Anyway, let’s ignore that our dog seems to be leaking antifreeze and PUSH THE START!

The first step is our name. We are a sheep master, or shepherd, or Shep for short. Curse you 6 character limit!

Unlike logic, Harvest Moon Land has 4 months that are also the four seasons. And the days go by really fast so I guess the planet is rotating at ludicrous speeds. ANYWAY this is choosing a birthday, or at least the month- the actual day is always the 25th.

I would have preferred to name the ranch “Thunder Ranch” because I was thinking of Sheep Man but I had to settle for this.

Lastly, a good strong name for Shepherd’s faithful companion. Rex.



This is Shep’s lovely abode. It’s only slightly better than the sort of house you’d start with in an Animal Crossing game. (spoilers later it can be upgraded and you can get stuff)

In the middle of nowhere and no reception. At least there’s no internet connections to worry about in this game because I’d probably have HughesNet.



This is not Walden the game, so we aren’t allowed to isolate ourselves from society. Instead, Mr. Mayor offers to show us around town.

To the right: The mountains, where we can gather wild berries and herbs for a pittance, fish, look at bugs, and mine in Winter. Also, the vineyard, where Karen and her family reside.

To the left: The Green Ranch, where we can find a horse, cows, sheep, chickens, emos, and Ann.

To the up: The town!

Music: Town


Meet Popuri. Her pink eyes burn into my soul. Get them awaaaay

Popuri is one of the many candidates for Shep’s spare time romance. Likes: Flowers, strawberries. Dislikes: Bugs. Flowers are easy and cheap to get and Popuri is kind of boring. And creepy. Next!

“The less we say about religion on a Nintendo console the better.”

Obviously, the bar is the most important spot in the game. Ok that’s a lie, but the aforementioned Karen hangs out there and you can build your alcohol tolerance if you keep drinking. It teaches an important lesson for the childrens.

Up those stairs is the town square where all sorts of events take place.

This is the bakery. It contains delicious pastries. And its owner is Ellen, the second eligible fictional wife. Likes: eggs, milk, baked goods, fish, Rex. Dislikes: Bugs. Unlike Popuri she lacks a creepy stare, and she’s pretty much the nice reserved one. Also sad things happen to her.

Rick here owns the tools shop, the left door on this building. It is vital in our sheep mastering endeavors- we’ll need a brush and wool shears at least. The other door is a grumpy old man who sells crafts.

“My favorite is called How to State the Obvious: A Book About Stating the Obvious.”

The library does indeed contain books, though they are the usual RPG fare (“There are many difficult books.”) It also contains Maria, another datable girl, who fulfills the game’s shy character quota twice over. Likes: Bugs, Cabbage. Dislikes: scary Rex. She’s also the mayor’s daughter so if Shep screws up he’ll be in deep compost.

Thus ends the mayor’s tour of his domain, and we return back to our farm to FINALLY GET SOME FARMING DONE ARE YOU READY TO FARM

Oh. Not yet.

Slab Bulkhead here is the guy who ships our crops and etc. every day at 6 PM. It becomes a game of outrunning Thick McRunFast to put stuff in the crate sometimes.


But hey isn’t this getting kind of long? I guess it will have to wait until next time! Har har!



  1. If you’re taking votes, I say you go with the shy chick. Yay marrying into importance.

    Also, you are a mad man. Good luck Sheperd, lets hope your child one day saves the entire galaxy.

  2. Blast Hardcheese!
    Smash Lampjaw!
    Big McLargehuge!

  3. lol nice i liked this more then i thought i would.

  4. Well you got a fan Of this lets play, I didn’t know picture let’s plays could be so interesting to read.

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