Posted by: Shagg | June 10, 2010

Let’s Play Harvest Moon 64 part 2

I’m going to try and update once a week.

Okay, it’s more like pre-farming. We have to clear all the rocks, weeds and stumps out of the way to be able to till any soil as is the usual Harvest Moon thing. I still wonder where all of these came from.

The hammer tool is mostly for smashing these rocks, though you can also throw small rocks into a pond or use them as some kind of fence. Big rocks take more than one hit.

Rex. Shepherd.

Anyway, un-till we have seeds all this FARMING is useless. So we must once again venture into society.

Turnips are on the lowest of the vegetable tiers. That is, they grow fast and are cheap. The other Spring options are potatoes and cabbages, which take longer and sell for more. But you always gotta start with turnips.
Potatoes and cabbages are better gifts for people too, and certain girls (Ann and Maria respectively) love ’em.

How can you even see what I’m doing with your eyes closed?
So, unlike the SNES Harvest Moon, you can’t keep track of how much girls like you by breaking and entering and then reading their secret diaries. What kind of RPG is this without questionable ethics?

Luckily, our Shep is adept at reading minds and he can see differently colored hearts in the corner of people’s textboxes. It’s up to you whether reading minds is worse than breaking into rooms though.
White is the starting level and pink is the highest.

“But of course you don’t remember. Last time we met, you were just a sprout.”

Ellen’s grandma is a nice old lady who remembers us from when we were young. She’s also the oldest character in the village. Surely nothing bad will happen to her. Ever.

Anyway, there’s something else I need to do. TO THE RANCH

Let’s just mosey on in carefully. We’ve got some horse-thievin’ to do.

It’s always proper to greet the horse-thievin’ target before proceeding.

OH NO I’VE BEEN CAUGHT wait. Yes, sure I like horses non-suspiciously.

No I don’t know where I was Thursday at 6 PM.

Hey, Ann’s off-screen brother Grey you believe me right?

Oh noooo

What’s actually going on is that Ann’s emo brother doesn’t think I’m good horse-racing material. So there’s no stealing, just gambling and possibly cheating at gambling. I dunno why they want me to be a horse racer unless they know I’m the player character and assume that that means I have better odds.

(Whether or not I’M a social disaster is up to you!)

Socializing aside, I agree to bring the horse to my farm. At the very least I can practice socializing on him.

(This is Ann’s dad by the way. He sells animals.)

I’m still not sure about racing, but I do have a purpose in mind for this horse. And I have just the name for it…

You’d like any name, wouldn’t you?

By the way, Ann is also one of the girls you can marry. Likes: Rex, chickens, corn, potatoes, wool. A lot of wool. Dislikes: Wild animals.

She’s probably one of the easiest to give gifts to in my situation. What do you think of that, emo?

That’s right. You’d BETTER consider it.

Oh yeah, and we can finally plant and water those seeds. (Remember: You have to fill up the watering can with water to water stuff with the watering can water water)

(For a shortcut to the Harvest Moon experience, repeat the previous two screenshots many times.)

“How are you

One more thing goes on to the list of daily tasks: lying to my horse to give him high self-esteem.

By the way, since the goal behind this idea is to get some sheep and make money with mostly them, I wonder how far from our goal we are?
Well, we start with 300g and spend 200g on turnips. Turnips give 60g each when sold and we get 8 per plot. That’s 480g. The stuff on the mountain sells for a small amount too.

The one question is, how much do sheep cost?

Well why don’t we go over to the ranch and find out-




  1. Wow, I JUST realized that this has the same characters as Mineral Town, the GBA one. Hilarious as always, especialy the Mass Effect joke.

  2. loved the end

  3. Hey, you’ll have more time to devote to this with your tonsillectomy! *wink wink nudge nudge*

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