Posted by: Shagg | July 4, 2010

Harvest Moon 64 Part 3

When we last saw our hero, Shep, nothing terribly exciting was happening.  And it continued to happen for several days, until this day.

a balloon and sow seeds.”

A festival! Jubilation! This is exactly what we need to spice up our farm life.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement, we also got MAIL! The carpenters are going to be very important later. If we bring them enough money and lumber they will expand our house.

The way to make money with my insane sheep plan is to harvest the wild berries and herbs of the wilderness every day.

Everything found out here makes a good gift for befriending a random townsperson too. You can also fish but it’s kind of dumb.

Into the cave!

Every Harvest Moon game seems to have a convenient system of caves somewhere with easily accessed items that can be sold for profit and which regrow every day.

I wonder if any of this stuff could be converted into a fuel source.

I also wonder when this hole in the wall will be open for business. What do holes sell anyway?

The wilderness offers us another secluded area to explore.

A nice little pond surrounded by flowers and a few more herbs and berries.  Surely this area has no significance whatsoever despite its unique music.

But I think that’s enough of the wilderness for today. Let’s head over to the village and into the town square.

We are greeted with an abundance of balloons!

hard masters.”

Well, Potion Shop Guy, if you didn’rt want to do it you shouldn’t have entered the contest. What is the contest anyway? Is it a raffle? Well you shouldn’t have won a raffle by chance, then!


And they’re off. Maybe someday Shep can be the king, riding in the balloon with the girl of his dreams, flying around and throwing seeds everywhere in some sort of symbolic gesture.

But today is not that day. That day will be whenever the next bizarre Harvest Moon year cycle happens.

before this one.”

If I can’t be the king, I can t least be the best at launching balloons.

Go forth, balloon, and free these lands of plague and pestilence!  May your roots grow deep and your fruits grow large, large enough to feed generations!

Okay, that may have been a bit too much.

But you’ve got to have fun at festivals, right?

good sleep.”


This is still mostly an experimental LP since I’ve never done screenshots before, but I don’t know how long it will last because I don’t know if I can keep Harvest Moon 64 interesting.

See you next time.


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