Posted by: Shagg | July 8, 2010

Executive Decisions

Dear readers of this blog (all [low number] of you),

I have decided that Harvest Moon 64 is kind of boring as a screenshot LP of the sort it is being right now.


Rather than completely abandon it, I think I will try a few updates of screenshot LPs of different games to see which is the best.

In other words, Shagg Tries Stuff Screenshot LP Edition or something. You know by now how much I love making you guys vote on everything.

As for what I try first, well there’s a series I’ve wanted to LP a game from for a long time. Let me give you a hint:




  1. Oh man, I can’t tell. I think your hint is leaning towards like, Dragon Quest or something.

  2. Aww, I enjoyed the Harvest moon lp so far and I’m not that familiar with the hinted “new” game.

  3. It’s good that you’re trying to do other things besides Harvest Moon. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Harvest Moon is probably the best thing for a screenshot LP because it’s so dang SLOW…

    …Which is probably the reason why you don’t want to do Harvest Moon anymore. Because it’s so dang slow.

    Anyway, good luck with Monster Rancher 3!

  4. Personally, I’m not too interested in Harvest Moon with this. Maybe one of the new Pokemon games and importing Larry, Emperor of Awesome.
    Hail Larry.

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