Posted by: Shagg | September 16, 2010

Misc. FFXIV Adventures that have Happened in the Meantime

I cannot promise you that this post will be organized in any way. So let’s throw some pictures at you!

Did you ever think that more MMOs needed escort missions? FFXIV might just be the game for you!

This is part of the beta’s story questline for the port city. Thankfully, the only threats you have to protect Sisipu from are… four or five “ankle biter” bugs that die in one axe swing. Yay?
For what it’s worth, the story questline was pretty cool until it cut off at the end (presumably because of the whole beta thing). Especially fun is the fact that 90% of NPCs react to adventurer types with scorn, especially the Musketeer’s Guild which is sort of the army/government of the place. I can never get enough of tiny people threatening to fill my back with lead.

Rather than buying armor and weapons, all of my equipment gains so far have been quest rewards. Actually, none of them have weapons. Pictured here is the glorious reward of pants, replacing the… not pants that I was wearing before. Pants are grand.

On an extremely unrelated note, character creation can do a few very silly things.


After a while as a person specializing in the use of an axe to hit monsters, I decided to try using a smaller axe to hit trees. For in FFXIV, botanists are lumberjacks! (They can also use scythes to harvest other things)

As a botanist, you gain the ability to sense the direction and distance of the nearest harvest-able tree. “Arbor Call” they call it. It’s kind of silly. Once you reach the tree, you engage it in combat- er, play a sort of minigame.

You have to pick a point on a bar for where you swing at the tree, and then pick an angle. It will tell you how close you are to hitting the mark and you go for a while until you get stuff, then repeat the process until you can’t harvest anymore. For some reason, I found this very tedious-sounding process fun. What’s the deal?

Scythes have no minigame. They just… cut to the chase.

Apparently I was not the only one who enjoyed lumberjacking- er, botany, and not even the only catgirl who was interested in the profession. Or the same tree, even. I really should not be surprised by the large number of mithra- er, miqo’te I’ve seen so far.

As a side note, my botanist rank leveled up much, much faster than my marauder skill rank did. You can still gain physical levels as a gathering or crafting stats and get the stats too. I can’t wait to watch people grind trees for EXP.

Another curiosity in the world of FFXIV is the random chest of insignificant gil amounts in the middle of the road far away from any important places. Especially since this is the only one I’ve seen. I wonder if random chests can ever have anything actually useful in them? Nah, that would be ridiculous.


Let’s talk a bit about my other combat abilities. I did figure out how to equip more (hint: you have to actually select the weapon you’re using from a drop down menu, it’s crazy) so…

Broad swing: As you can see, it lets you use a basic attack against multiple enemies, I think the damage is a little lower, but who knows.

Trunksplitter: LUMBERJACKING! This one costs 1000 TP; that isn’t actually too much. If an enemy lasts for more than a few hits you will have generated about that amount. It’s a strong attack that’s super effective on plant enemies, of which I have only seen one. Wooooo.

Brandish: I haven’t really used this but I think it’s either a super wide swing or a spin attack of some kind.

Aside: Botanists, and presumably other non-combat classes, do get one combat ability: Throwing a rock. AMAZING!

For defeating the BATS I acquired a robe of sorts. This means that my character is currently a female character- a catgirl– who is exposing a phenomenally low amount of skin! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the likes of this before. Of course this means that high end armor will be see-through chainmail bikinis. Don’t ask me how that works.

The robe even accommodates for the cat lady’s tail. Pretty nice!

After a while, I struck out to explore the map in search of more story quests.

I didn’t find any.

HOWEVER! It did lead to some interesting discoveries.

D’aww that sheep is so adorable. :3
(Wether is a term for a male sheep, by the way, which shows up more frequently in old British literature than in the common parlance.)

Let’s get a close-up on that thing!

It’s worth noting the the adorable sheep are not much of a challenge in a fight, and I have not yet seen a quest to kill them. But if you think that means they’re safe then you’re wrong!

D: ! Jeez lady why did you need to rupture that sheep’s FACE? Ouch…

Speaking of rupturing faces

THIS guy was just kind of hanging around in the same area as all these sheep. Big, giant funny looking dude with trees growing on his back. I was standing around next to him and he wasn’t moving much or attacking anyone.

But apparently he doesn’t like been looked at in the eyes. He did about six times the amount of HP I have in damage. Lesson learned!

And now we exit with what is either a ridiculously large weapon or a failure to scale a weapon to size.


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