Posted by: Shagg | December 8, 2010

How Should Shagg Handle the Next LP(s)?

How should Shagg handle LPs during winter break?
Focus entirely on one game! (6 updates per week)
Split updates between two games! (3 updates each per week)
I don’t care. Flip a coin! free polls

Since pollcode never seems to actually work for this blog, here’s a link:

A short summary of the video:
I will either focus on Super Mario RPG Revolution, or split time between that and Touhoumon Blue Version.
Here’s what those games are about:

SMRPG Revolution is a romhack of Super Mario RPG that aims to make it harder by changing and balancing things like character stats / special moves, enemy stats / attacks, and more. I’ve played SMRPG a ton of times, but I wouldn’t know what to expect as far as changes go past when you first reach the Mushroom Kingdom.
The levels can go past 30, too.

Touhoumon Blue Version is a romhack of Pokemon FireRed Version. The original Touhoumon was japanese, and this one is based off of that, with the same level of quality. In Touhoumon, all of the pokemon are replaced by Touhou characters, who have their own unique typing and moves rather than just being a sprite change. Like SMRPG, I’ve played Pokemon Red / FireRed many times, but like SMRPG Revolution I would be blind to the changes past around Mt. Moon.
One other unique thing about this romhack is the nonlinearity- you can go into Diglett’s Cave and straight to Vermilion and ignore Brock entirely if you feel like it.
It's not the best idea though.



  1. Eeeeh…. I’d split it between them, then if someone doesn’t like one of the games, they can still watch the other one.

  2. THIS IS (a) SHAGG

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