Posted by: Shagg | December 10, 2010

Poll Results

Wow. I can’t say that I expected that much of a majority on this poll. Then again, it’s a Mario thing AND a Touhou thing, so I guess it’s just an explosion of fanboys and/or fangirls. Whatever, that’s cool!

The current plan, then, will be to do three Super Mario RPG updates in a row, then three Touhoumon Blue Version updates in a row, and then go back to Super Mario RPG and so on. I will allow myself a day off once per week if needed (so, 6 updates total per week, hopefully.)

Additionally, YouTube has just given people the ability to make videos longer than 15 minutes, apparently up to 60 minutes. So you can expect me to stop splitting episodes, making it sort of like a TV show! It’ll take forever to upload, but still.

Hopefully I will enjoy recording these games and you will enjoy watching them (or if I don’t enjoy recording, hopefully you will enjoy watching me suffer.)

P.S. Look, I’m not as terrible at centipede as the poll video would have you believe.


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