What’s all this then?

Hey everyone, this is Shagg. As you know.
This blog is here for three things:
1) Things that don’t work well as videos
2) Things that I don’t want to make videos of
3) Random stuff
That’s really all there is to it.

If you stumble into this from somewhere besides my youtube channel and don’t know what’s going on, here’s who I am:
Some guy on the internet who plays video games and talks over them. In other words, I do Let’s Plays.
I also do other things on the side like fooling around with making Super Mario World romhacks or RPGs in RPG Maker. Sometimes.



  1. Shagg, youre really good at making your videos funny!Just wondering, but when are you going to do the next Touhoumon LP? And can you send me the rom? Also, do you like TACOS? Anyway, please reply and again, YOUR VIDEOS ARE AWSOME!!

  2. Shagg I think you did a really good job on lets play dragon warrior monsters.

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