People all the times be asking me questions about my youtube videos and such. So I’ll put them up here, just in case people actually look at this thing.

1. What emulators do you use?

ZSNES, Visual Boy Advance, nnesterj, Project 64, Kega Fusion, and EPSXE. Which are for SNES, GBA/GB/GBC, NES, N64, a bunch of sega things, and Playstation respectively.

1B. But what about the PSP, what PSP emulator do you-

It’s not an emulator! It is a PSP 2000, hacked and hooked up to the computer via USB and a program called RemoteJoy. Basically it displays the PSP screen on the computer screen. And it doesn’t work very well.
As far as I know, there is no good PSP emulator.

2. What programs do you use to make videos?

There are a lot! Camtasia Studio 6 is the one I use for recording, with a DivX codec set to certain settings. I used to use it for editing, but now I prefer to use CyberLink PowerDirector for that.
To record from consoles I use a device called an Adaptec Gamebridge and the associated program, InterVideo Home Theater. Camtasia is used here to record my voice and I sync up the audio later in CyberLink PowerDirector or Vegas Pro. If I’m doing guest commentary with Kit, Pink, Roahm, or anyone else who doesn’t live near me, then I just call them on Skype and use MP3 Skype Recorder to record the call.
Audacity is a decent program for audio editing.
Oh, and you can use Windows Movie Maker as a last resort for editing. It’s not as fancy though and I like fancy programs.
…Oh, I also use MSPaint.

3. Hey Shagg! Will you play this game?

Probably not! Suggestions are nice and all, but unless I already planned for it or if I’m specifically asking for games to play, then don’t count on it.
Cave Story is a game I might LP if I can manage to beat Hell / Sacred Grounds.
I won’t be doing any videos of games that wouldn’t work well as videos, but I could try screenshot LPs on this blog thing sometime. We’ll see!

…and no I Wanna Be The Guy.

4. When will the other things you do be done?

Who the heck knows! Shaggario World 2, the SMW romhack I’m making, will be theoretically prioritized in the creation process. I’m also fooling around with making another RPG at the moment. I’ll keep you up to date on thiese things.

5. Why is your username on youtube kuposan3 but you are always known as Shagg?

The main username I use for things is “shaggdog3” and people shorten it to “Shagg,” and “kuposan3” was a username I made when I thought it was cool. That’s it, really. Nothing special.

6. Will you be my friend on youtube?

Probably not! I use youtube friends for people who are actually my friends, that is, people I’ve known for a while and talk to on a regular basis. I’m also bad at replying to people in general, so even if I did want to collect as many friends as possible I’d probably end up with a backlog of invites in my inbox anyway!

7. This isn’t really a question, but by the way, Kit, Roahm and Pink don’t live near me.

8. What projects are you going to do in the future?

I’m not telling~


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